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Update with pictures

The new Walmart has arrived. I’m appalled it doesn’t have a fabric section.

He was sure hungry. Hilyard thank you so much for finding and liking your fingers.

Big changes at our house. Now when my visiting teachers come over they don’t have to be scared.

Another big change in the kitchen. It will be nice to be able to open the back door if I want to.

Gray and Wellington are notorious for fighting. This was a sweet short lived moment.

Wellington said to me, “I have him trapped.”

A few pictures of the boys.

I was pretty excited we had cold weather for a couple days so I could put Hilly baby in a bear outfit I got for him a long time ago. I actually had a brown colored one for my first boy and when they went on super sale at Old Navy I picked up another. He looked super cute in it and so cuddly. It was perfect for the cold, it’s like he was already wearing a blanket.

He’ll be three weeks old this Friday. He is getting bigger and more alert. He’s a great sleeper and eater. He wakes up maybe two times a night, and sleeps most of the day. He pretty much only cries when he’s hungry. We’re really blessed to have such a sweet easy baby.

I like this picture a lot. I just took it yesterday. Wellington decided that he’d pick up the baby himself. He picked him up and fell back on the bed and ended up holding him in this position. I figured it was the best possible scenario for Welly to pick him up, they were on a soft bed and they just carefully fell back. Wellington really loves his brother….”Can I pat it? “Can I hold it?” “I want to kiss it!”….We still need to work on teaching him his name.

We were visiting cousins in Brigham City for Easter and Wellington found a perfect place to play in his Easter clothes….the dirt. He was having so much fun and he was so cute, we just let him have at it.

Searching for baby names in your family history might result in your son being beat up in middle school.

As many know, we named our son Hilyard Robert Troy. We had a few names in the running, but it wasn’t until after he was born and we saw him, did we know. It also seemed to go perfect with his older brothers’ name, Wellington. His first name, while a bit unusual seemed perfect for our little guy. Wellington and Hilyard are very old fashion sounding, unusual, and sure to get them beat up in middle school (sorry boys).

Wondering where the name Hilyard came from? Here’s a little history. Baby Hilly is named after his Great-Great Grandfather, James Hilyard Hamilton.

James Hilyard Hamilton was born in Ontario, Canada and moved to Saskatchewan in 1905. He served in France in the trenches during the First World War. He was wounded in action which resulted in back problems that he had for the remainder of his life. After returning home he married Mildred (Millie) Coburn in 1918 and operated the telephone exchange and later became a farmer. They had four children, Delbert, Rhoda, Graydon (who died in infancy) and Eldon. Millie died in 1931, when not quite 34. Hilly later remarried and had another daughter, Marlene.

Hilyard died in 1973. Delbert, Rhoda and Marlene are still alive. Later in life he seemed to have a nervous tick, that made him bounce his leg up and down. The family loving referred to this as the “Hilly Hamilton Syndrome”. I’ve been told he was a hardworking, mild mannered man.

Baby Hilly was also named after his Grandpa Robert Stevenson a.k.a Pappy, and his Uncle Troy (my older brother).

I really don’t think he’ll get beat daily and I know my boys will be heart breakers, plus don’t you know old man names are coming back?!