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Kitchen Remodel Part 2: Sink tubbies here we come!

I kept seeing this sink and each time I saw it in a magazine I loved it more and more. After a bit of searching online we found a great deal on the farmhouse sink I wanted. Coming in a little under 100 lbs, it arrived by freight truck. I told Mark to call me as soon as the truck got there (it was being delivered to his work). I sped all the way there because I was so excited to see it.

It is perfect and just what I wanted. It will be great to give the babies sink tubbies in. We tried Hilly out in it and he fits perfect. We later tried both boys in it and they both fit sitting up.

I love the look of it and I think it will be a fun change.

Kitchen Remodel Part 1

There were a few reasons for deciding to redo our kitchen, damaged counter-tops, wanting a change and wanting to enjoy it while we live here longer instead of remodeling right before we move (p.s. no plans of leaving anytime soon) that and a nice sized tax return.


I bought one kitchen and bath magazine and found my kitchen inspiration there. I loved everything about it, the white cabinets, the marble subway tile back splash, the light and bright feel. From there Mark and I looked on-line and using Pinterest found many ideas from paint, wainscoting, and even hardware (love Pinterest). This made it easy to keep track of the stuff we liked and it was easy to share it with each other.

After some price comparison, a few bids from other companies we decided on Brady Bobka from The Woodworks in Preston and Valley View Granite out of Tremonton. With the big decicions out of the way we started demolition. Mark and brother-in-law Gary started ripping out the cabinets. It was all done in one night, way faster than I expected. But it was great to get going on it.

The boys starting to take off cabinets.

Goodbye sink!

Sister-in-law Heidi checking out the empty kitchen. It really did look smaller like that.

Check back for more updates….

One of those things, that is totally normal and happens to people all the time. Right?

I’m long overdue for a post, but I’ve finally mastered typing with 9 fingers so an update is in order. While taking off my sock, I somehow broke my pinky finger. I’m just as surprised as everyone else. I really don’t know what happened or how I managed it. It all happened so fast. I didn’t even fall on it. It was like a twist or a pull, I think it might have gotten caught in a hole. I’m not sure but after waking up to a puffy black and blue finger I went in to get some x-ray, and sure enough it was broken (in two places actually). I was referred to a specialist. After two weeks I had more x-rays and was told that it was healing properly and that I didn’t need surgery.

I believe I have about a week left in the splint. I’m trying not to take any pain medication anymore and its not too bad just as long as it doesn’t get bumped.

1st x-ray, right hand

This is the wrap I had on for a week and It was pretty limiting, not to mention huge. Mark did all the housework, cooking, tubbies, bum changing, etc. He was a super sweet hubby!

New splint. So much better. I can do way more stuff! So back to bum changes!

Cousin Time

We were really happy to have cousin Sadie over the other day.

The boys and Saide made mud pies.

We went for a walk and fed the ducks.

We played and played. Saide shared some cookies she brought.

And then we had hot chocolate and watched Cinderella.

The boys love their cousin Sadie and I love watching her, she is the most polite, well behaved girl. She is silly and very smart.

We had a great day!

Nice reminder….

I love this song. I heard it again the other night at a Relief Society activity and I cried my eyes out. Besides being a really nice reminder, it helps me to see others in a different way.

I really like this verse;

This life on earth we knew would not be easy.
At times we lose our way his path we may not see.
But remember always that you are not alone.
He’ll take your hand, He loves you! He will guide you home.

And this part of the chorus;
Be strong and remember who you are,
Try to understand, you’re part of his great plan.
He’s closer than you know, Reach up; he’ll take your hand

Our sensitive Wellington

Tonight Welly was so cute and made me laugh. We had left Lowe’s after being in there a while (going in when it was still light and coming out when it was dark) and in the parking lot Welly started fussing and being really uspset about something. I finally caught what he was saying, “The sunset! We missed the beautiful sunset!” I love that goofy kid. It totally reminded me of that part in Bedazzled, when sensitive Elliot keeps crying every time he sees the sunset…”When is that darn thing going to set?!”

Secret Fashion Wish

I remember when there were many different overall choices at Old Navy. Those were the days. I loved my overalls! My favorite were the dark wash ones. Maybe someday they’ll come back? Maybe I should just start wearing them and start a fad.

I know your thinking…rolled up overalls?? It was a hot day! I guess shorts would have been a better choice, but I loved those overalls!

That’s me with my niece Olivia, when she was just a baby. So cute!

I have some other wishes, of the not so secret kind; a fenced yard, a new sewing machine, a bedroom set, and new mustang for Marky (he NEEDS it), a maid, a personal trainer, more time, a vacation with Mark to Montreal, to name just a few.

Do you have a secret wish?

That’s one baaaaaaad (as in good) looking hat!

Marky showed me this hat online, and I thought it was so funny. It seems really creepy as a full mask, I think it would be better as a hat instead. With my mad photoshop skillz, I mocked up the hat to its full potential!


To you talented knitters out there, the person has this pattern for sale, I am willing to dish out the dough for the pattern, and all I ask in return is a few hundred hours of your time to hand make me and Marky matching ones.

Then and Now! **Sappy warning**

To Marky: Happy Valentines Day! I love you!

P.S. We look so young (and I’ll be the one to say it, skinny) in that photo. I didn’t pick those photos though to compare how much we’ve changed. But instead I picked the picture of our wedding day, because it was the happiest day! I love you as much AND more than that day. Marriage gets better with age and time. (Is that dumb to say?)

The other photo is of us in front of the temple this past summer. Okay I really picked that one because it is one of the few photos that we have together. But I liked it too because we were at the temple together and that always reminds me of our wedding day.

I remember once we were in watching someone get sealed and it was a pretty packed room so that we ended up on opposite sides of the room. I got a seat while you had to stand. Anyway, I looked over at you and you looked so handsome, and I just kept thinking WOW, I’m married to him?! How did I luck out!? I was reminded in that moment how much I love you!!

Well I love you! Happy Valentines Day! Can’t wait for some heart shaped pizza tonight!