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Very Yummy Utah

If you were to serve a meal (main dish, side dishes, and dessert) entirely with “Utah” in mind. What would you serve?

For example, on the menu would be: GREEN JELLO with interesting and mysterious ingredients suspended within.

Bus rides are funner than collecting candy.

I know your looking down at those pictures and thinking they’re pretty similar to my last two posts, but I assure you they’re different and the last of the Halloween series. I just wanted to finish out the Halloween posts before too much time passed.

This one is about Halloween day, we took Wellington’s Grandma and Grandpa Farmer (my parents) tricker treating with us around Main Street.
We made it two blocks before Wellsy got bored and “done” with candy collecting.

He sat down on the sidewalk and had a piece of candy, I thought this would perk him up a bit to go on, but then he saw something much more fun. The bus.

Our local public transit bus passed us by and after that we couldn’t get him do to anything else or think about anything else. “Bus, Bus, Bus”!

Luckily my Mom was with us, the bus schedule expert, and she knew right where and when to catch a bus. We took Wellington on a short little ride. He was so happy, I’ve never seen a kid more happy. He ran right to the back and sat by a window. He even knew that pulling the cord would “ding” and stop the bus.

He really loves the bus. His Grandma Farmer takes him on rides pretty often, so whenever he sees a bus now, he points and says, “Grandma, Grandma, Bus”.

Later on in the day we finished out the tricker treating. I really didn’t care that he got any more candy, we mostly went to hang out with family and see Wellington’s cousins in their costumes. He had a cousin that was also a Mario, one that was Lugi, his newest cousin that was Bowser and one that was Princess Peach.

We spent the rest of our Halloween night, relaxing and playing video games. Wellington is allowed a controller (turned off) so that he can play with his Dad. I thought Wellington looked pretty cute next to his Dad “playing” video games.

Halloween was fun, but I’m glad it’s over. Now I can plan and look forward to other things this November; Wellington’s bday, finding out what the sex of our baby is, some snow and Thanksgiving.

Night before Halloween

We went to a trunker treat tonight. It was a tri-ward activity so there was a big turnout. It was pretty fun even though we were about 30 minutes late because I got the time wrong.

Wellington wore his Mario costume, Mark and I stuck to tradition and didn’t dress up (we’re so fun). I decorated the back of our van with spider webs, spiders, bloody looking material (sounds worse than it is), a scary talking head, and a flashing light. I had a cd of spooky sounds playing in the van, that was probably a little too scary for little kids, but it wasn’t too loud.

Wellington was very cute walking around with his treat bag. Whenever he was given the opportunity to chose his own candy from a bowl, he always picked a sucker. Doesn’t he know he’s supposed to pick the chocolate!?

He did happen to pick out some of my favorites though (Twizzlers) and I ended up stealing some of my babies candy!

We came home and lit his pumpkin. Wellington and I carved it last night. He hated putting his hand in the slimy pumpkin guts, so that left me to finish the job. His favorite part of carving the pumpkin was drawing on it with a marker. I think it almost would have been better and definitely easier on me, if I gave him a bunch of markers or paint and just let him draw all over it.

He’s so proud of his pumpkin and wants to show everyone that comes by. He also likes to say goodnight to it at bed time. I took some pictures of him tonight blowing out the light and saying goodnight.

Plans for tomorrow-more trick or treating!

Top 5 movies that make me bite my nails, lose bladder control, and are a Halloween must!

I’m sure there are scarier movies out there, but this list is derived from ones that I’ve actually seen or that I haven’t totally blocked out of my memory.

Note 1: I suggest just reading the list and not watching the previews if your a scardy cat like me. I couldn’t even preview the trailers I was putting on the site, that’s how much of a sissy I am. Don’t watch these video’s Mom, Mark’s Mom, small children…)

Note 2:Oh, and if you’d like to see Barbara’s awesome impression of the girl from the Ring, just leave a request in the comments and maybe we can get her to do a video for us.

1. The Grudge

2. The Ring

3. The Shining

4. The Saw (one or two scenes are pretty creepy)

5. The Exorcism of Emily Rose

What are your Top 5 scariest movies??!

Great Deal on a JJ Cole system diaper bag (in Logan)!!!!

I just saw this on KSL classifieds, its a GREAT deal on a diaper bag, I have one and I love it! They usually go for A LOT more, like $60-$70 (as I’m writting this post, my husband learned the shocking truth that I bought one for that much) and this one is brand new with tags still on it for only $35. If your a Mom or a soon-to-be Mom in Logan, check this out, I bet it will go quick. And I can attest to it being a great bag!

Link to the KSL Ad

Also, as a quick reminder Friday is the last day to vote for Wellington’s picture at Stork Landing! I’m hoping to win the photo contest this month so I can buy a mattress.

P.S. It also looks like the seller of that JJ Cole bag is also selling other JJ Cole items…click here to check those out.

Getting in the Halloween mood and wondering who will give me the “Meanest Mom of the Year” award.

Wellington usually laughs at scary things. When we went to Disneyland, we took him on the Haunted Mansion ride. He was the only 2 year old in line that I can remember. During the ride he pointed and laughed. He watched everything intently and didn’t give a scared reaction. This Halloween I brought out my Halloween candy dish that has a head sticking out of it. The head talks and his eyes move when you go for the candy. Wellington loves it! He’s not scared of spiders or monsters, Halloween decorations or his Auntie Carrie. So I thought letting him watch a little Halloween video wouldn’t hurt. Now this is where most of you will judge me and think I’m a mean Mom.

I thought it would be fun to see how he would react to a prank video on youtube. Last year for Halloween I tried to prank Melarky readers with the “Scary Car Commercial” video. I expected Wellington to give a funny reaction to it, him laughing or something, so I grabbed my camera and filmed this resulting video.

That reaction was actually the third one I took. The first two he didn’t pay attention enough, he kept looking away right before the screaming part. Finally the third time he watched and gave me youtube gold. He was fine (don’t worry Grandma’s). He asked a couple times after that to watch it again. After a while he started laughing at it. He also loves watching the video of his reaction (vain fool).

Whenever we do see something scary; a show, a haunted mansion ride, we laugh and make fun of it, and he follows our lead.

How do you handle “scary” things with your kids? Would you let your kid watch that car video? Heidi and Troy, I think I know what your answer would be-YES! (Please say yes, cause it makes me seem like I’m not the only mean parent).

“It’s a me! Welly-O!” Halloween Preview

Mark’s side of the family had a kids Halloween party last weekend. Here are a few pictures of his Mario costume.

This was my first attempt at sewing a costume or any type of clothes. The hat turned out a little tight on him and the overalls a little big, but I called it good enough, since it was just a Halloween costume.

Wellington really hated the mustache, but did keep it on for quite sometime for as much as he hated it (wondering where we found it? Hastings.) I think for Halloween I’ll just draw on a mustache.