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Calling all four year olds! Party in the vicinity of our house.

We threw our first ever friends birthday party this year. I asked Welly what friends he wanted to invite, and mostly he named off cousins. We had both cousins and friends at the party and I think it worked out great!

I knew I wanted to have a fun theme for his party but it was hard to choose. It was between an army, Ghostbusters or a cops theme. I went for a cops theme because I thought some kids might not get the Ghostbusters and I thought I could do the cops theme cheaper than the army one.

Each guest got their own badge invitation with their name on it. I used scrapbook paper from the Book Table for the silver and just did the invite in photoshop.

When guests arrived they found themselves in the police station (living room). Six Star Party Outlet had brick decorations for Christmas, but I thought it would be great for the police station.

To become an official police officer they had to come see me at a table. I then asked them their name (even though I already knew it), then took one hand and using an ink pad, did some fingerprints onto a 3X5 card. They seemed to like this a lot. After they had their fingerprints taken I told them they were officially a police officer now and they got a sticker badge and some handcuffs.

Click here to read the rest of this post and see some cute pics of the party

Birfday boy!

My baby turned 4 years old today. Time goes by so fast…TOO fast.

About Welly: Welly is my little buddy who is rough and tuff, silly and sweet. I love that he still wants to be tucked in. I love it when he cooks with me. I love it when he is nice to his little brother and tries to coax him into coming upstairs to play with him, “H-I-L-L-Y, come upstairs….”. I love it when I’m tucking in Welly and he reminds me to say prayers. I love it when he has “sleepovers” in our room on Friday nights.

We are so blessed to have Welly in our family! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WELLY!

We had a fun birthday party for him on Saturday. I’ll post about that soon because it needs it own post!

Welly at the the dentist.

Marky and I recently went to the dentist (it has been 7 years since our last visit) and while we were there, we asked them what a good age was for a first dentist visit. They said the sooner the better, so we made an appointment for Welly to come for his first dentist appointment soon after.

Welly did so good! He was excited for “his turn” to go to the dentist. We got there, and they had him hop on the chair and asked what movie he wanted. He picked “Up” from the list, and it played on a TV in the ceiling he could see while in the chair. They explained why they wore gloves and masks, showed him the light, little angled mirror, and the “tooth tickler” as they called it (the tooth pick they use to clean the teeth).

They started by saying they were going to count his teeth, and the dentist checked each tooth as he counted it out loud. Welly was doing so well with it, he had his assistant start a cleaning. Welly picked the cotton candy flavored cleaner, and she went to work on his teeth. After he rinsed and spit, he even let her paint some fluoride on his teeth. We really didn’t think he would let them do it all, but he was a champ and even laughed during most of the cleaning.

When he was all finished, they showed him a drawer full of prizes. He got a Disney Cars toothbrush, Spongebob Squarepants toothpaste, floss, stickers, gum, pencils, and a slinky AND bouncy ball (the little stinker grabbed both instead of just one). We are so proud of Welly, he was so brave and did such a good job on his first visit to the dentist.

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween Welly said he wanted to be an Army guy. It made things pretty easy on me because we already had the camo pants. Some friends of ours gave us a hunting shirt that looked camo (he’s not wearing it in this picture, we changed it half way throughout the day).

I did buy a few things to complete the ensemble…a dollar store gun and hat (we really broke the bank on that one). The most expensive thing I bought for the costume was a fluffy pull-over jacket that was a whole $7.00! I thought it was a great buy because he can wear it all the time.

Hilyard’s costume was super easy because it was a hand-me-down from Welly. He was pretty cute in that monkey costume. It was perfect for him because he is such a monkey boy.

The first activity of the day was going to the mall to tricker treat with family. Aunt Barbara, cousin Sadie, Auntie Carrie, Grandma, cousins Jeff and Dianna and their new baby Jace was there too. The mall was packed this year and took longer than usual to make the rounds. The kids had the funnest afterwards playing on the kiddie rides and eating candy. My boys also loved it when Grandma walked around with them when the line was moving so slowly.

After the mall, We meet up with Mark and took the boys downtown. It was a little cold and rainy, but it was fun. I love walking around downtown anyway so I didn’t mind. I pushed sleepy Hilly in the stroller while Mark took Welly in the different shops. We found that we got the most candy off main street and down the little side streets.

Later in the day, after naps we went to our wards Halloween activity, where we enjoyed yummy chili and the company of friends. We got even more candy there!

Mark and I also had a date that night. Our first date was on Halloween, 12 YEARS AGO!!!! So I thought it would be fun to take Mark out on a date that night, kind of a first date anniversary thing. Mark’s Mom was super generous and watched the boys while we went to USU’s Halloween dance. It was a good idea in my head and we did have fun, but we realized we are WAY TOO OLD to do anything like that again. Everyone around us was so young, we recognized maybe one song and everyone was singing along to the songs we didn’t know. It was pretty funny. We also thought the music was too loud. We gave up on dancing and went to see a magic show. We like that sort of thing and we had lots of fun. We went to a magic show before and had lots of fun, so this was a perfect activity for us…no dancing. After that, we hung around for a bit then we went and got a hamburger and headed back home to pick up the kids.

We had a great Halloween with the boys and a fun date. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving now, snow and lots of baking!

We Found A Way For Our Kid To Make An Even Bigger Mess While Eating!

We took the boys out to eat chinese food the other day, and Welly was really cute trying to eat with his chopsticks (we cheated and tied a folded up napkin into the end of the chopsticks to make it easier for him, but he still managed to get most of his meal off of his plate and onto the table). Hilly didn’t bother with the chopsticks, and just reverted back to grabbing fistfuls of rice and smashing them into his face (business as usual). It was fun, and I just wanted to share these cute pictures of Welly “using” chopsticks.

Guy stuff with Dad at Lowe’s

Mark has taken Welly to Lowe’s Build N’ Grow since Welly was pretty little. Sometimes I tag along to take photos and this last one was the biggest one I’ve seen. There were so many people, Mark and Welly had to sit on the floor to build their project. They didn’t seem to mind.

Welly loves going with his Dad to do “guy stuff”. And now that Welly is a bit older he can help more hammering in nails and putting stickers on (in the correct spots).

This last project was a school bus, that came with innerchangable pieces, a chalkboard and some chalk. It was a pretty cool one, but I forgot to get pics of the completed school bus.

What a handsome kid.

Want to find out more about Lowe’s Build N’ Grow go to and remember it’s FREE! And the child also gets an apron and goggles to keep and a badge when the project is completed.

Whatcha goin’ do when he comes for you?

He’ll tell me when he’s a police officer and I refer to him as “Officer Welly” for as long as he wants.

He loves to take his guns with him places, like to the grocery store, but I usually make him leave them in the car.

I’ve let him wear his Policemen pajamas all day before.

He calls bullets his “bullups”.

I’m now the expert on where to get cheap toy guns and police gear! (Six Star Party Outlet! I’ve actually gotten the same policeman set twice now! It comes with cop sunglasses, a badge, handcuffs and key, two guns, bullups and a holder for the bullups. And targets to practice shooting.)

I really do love that he loves all that tough boy stuff. He’s pretty cute with it. I love our tough guy!

I can’t help myself!

I love dressing my boys alike. I get away with whenever and for how ever long I can. If I can buy something that is the same, in both their sizes I’ll do it! The boys are wearing some angel jammies here. Angel jammies are just what we call big shirts for pajamas.

Hilyard is wearing his older brothers t-shirt and Wellington is wearing my shirt that matches his. Those are both shirts we got for free!

Cache Valley Fair 2010

We had tons of fun at this years fair. Welly played his heart out, I entered a quilt I made my sister (and won 2nd place!), and Hilly got a few good naps in his stroller (poor kid, we didn’t let him out for any of the fun).

We got there in the early evening with all of the cousins and the kids played their hearts out. Marky couldn’t come right away since he was waiting at the clinic for someone to come that was looking at the truck. He ended up taking forever and didn’t show up until around 7:45, but we forgave him because the guy ended up buying the truck (yay, full price, didn’t even ask if we’d take less!)

While we love our filthy carny fair food, we have been resisting the temptation lately, and instead we just eat after we leave the fair. Our wallets thank us, AND our arteries thank us (but those funnel cakes did look mighty tasty). Here are some pics of this years fair fun:

Our future missionary has the serious wiggles.

It’s hard teaching sharing time on Sunday’s while your three year old is bouncing off his seat, swatting at his teachers, crying or begging you to give him a turn. Not only is it distracting, it can be a little embarrassing. It was actually a bit easier being Welly’s Sunbeam teacher than it is trying to teach all of junior primary while he is in the front row.

Often, if a teacher or leader tries to get him to sit down or sit still, he says, “Don’t touch me!” usually swatting them away in the process. He has a hard time with waiting or taking his turn, he wants to kick, walk around, sit by Mommy, sit by another teacher….(there’s a lot of musical chairs).

It’s so frustrating because you know what he is capable of. I know his little body has the ability to sit still. I know he can be sweet, be kind, be quiet. It never seems to happen in Primary though. I feel bad for his Sunbeam teachers sometimes because I know he is very active and sometimes requires a lot of attention. But they really do a great job! They are the perfect teachers for him.

I’ve really been learning a lesson in motherhood with this calling. I think I need to learn to be more patient with my own kids and discipline them differently. I’ve noticed I react differently when I keep Christ’s example in mind (a lot less spanking happens). When it comes to discipline in our own home I can use the Savior’s example. I’m not perfect, I still “get done” and dish out a few spanks but I’m trying to do better. I’m thankful for this calling, it’s helping me be a better, more patient mother. It’s helping me keep on track and trying harder when it comes to prayer and scripture reading. I’m thankful also for my calling right now because I think it’s given me strength in some hard times.

I know Welly wont always be Mr. Rowdy in Primary. I know that with consistency, love, teaching him at home, and a lot of patience from his teachers that he’ll get there. (fingers crossed).

I really liked this quote; Remember “the worth of souls is great in the sight of God” (D&C 18:10). Criticizing, threatening, or scolding are not effective methods for teaching appropriate behavior and do not exemplify the Savior’s love. Positive comments help children understand that we expect the best from

One Sunday when I was especially frustrated with Wellington, Sister Chapman (our awesome secretary) reminded me that Welly could be the Prophet someday. She was so sweet to say that…. It does help to look at your children differently and see them as future missionaries and fathers, Priesthood holders and maybe even the Prophet someday. :)