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I can’t help myself!

I love dressing my boys alike. I get away with whenever and for how ever long I can. If I can buy something that is the same, in both their sizes I’ll do it! The boys are wearing some angel jammies here. Angel jammies are just what we call big shirts for pajamas.

Hilyard is wearing his older brothers t-shirt and Wellington is wearing my shirt that matches his. Those are both shirts we got for free!

Cache Valley Fair 2010

We had tons of fun at this years fair. Welly played his heart out, I entered a quilt I made my sister (and won 2nd place!), and Hilly got a few good naps in his stroller (poor kid, we didn’t let him out for any of the fun).

We got there in the early evening with all of the cousins and the kids played their hearts out. Marky couldn’t come right away since he was waiting at the clinic for someone to come that was looking at the truck. He ended up taking forever and didn’t show up until around 7:45, but we forgave him because the guy ended up buying the truck (yay, full price, didn’t even ask if we’d take less!)

While we love our filthy carny fair food, we have been resisting the temptation lately, and instead we just eat after we leave the fair. Our wallets thank us, AND our arteries thank us (but those funnel cakes did look mighty tasty). Here are some pics of this years fair fun:

The Rubber Bandit Strikes Again!

Welly loves the Rubber Band Machine Gun Marky made him for Christmas. Actually, Welly loves all guns, but this one is especially fun because it actually shoots things. The boys will sometimes pick a spot and set up some “targets” (usually just a couple of toys placed around a room) and then Marky will load the gun so Welly can shoot the targets.

One time, Marky took a turn and laid down with the gun to shoot some of the targets, so of course Welly had to lay down with the gun to shoot after that. He’s pretty funny trying to hold the too-big-for-him gun while laying down on his bed shooting the various toys in his room. I got some fun pics of the last time they had target practice in Welly’s room:

Become President, milk a cow, and put out fires all at the Treehouse Museum.

We had been to the Discovery Museum in Salt Lake before, so when we decided to spend the day in Ogden, we thought we’d give The Treehouse Museum a try and see how it compared.

The cost was a little less at the Treehouse. Children’s prices at the Treehouse museum are about $2.00 cheaper than at Discovery museum. It wasn’t as crowded I thought, this could have also been due to the fact that it was a Monday. I think because it was less crowded Welly was able to really play, with so many kids running around it can be distracting. He was also able to get more turns at the popular places.

I really liked all the fun outfits they had to play dress up with. Some stations would have outfits that the kids could try on that went along with the station. Like at a Rodeo type station, there were cowboy hats. At a firetruck there were hats and coats. The tee pee had Indian type clothes and so on. Welly found his favorite outfit and wore it around the rest of the time we were there. A police man hat and a one piece policeman uniform. He was pretty cute in it and only took it off right before we left.

Welly loved playing in the kitchen and loved pretending to pour and serve drinks. He was pretty cute in there sitting in the cute cottage. He loved the firetruck and went back to it pretty often. He really loved the dress up outfits at that one, there were cool hats and coats. The boys both enjoyed the music/drum room, where they could make lots of noise. I liked the art room they had where the kids could draw and paint, but we didn’t really even go in there, it just looked cool. Welly really liked that they had a kid potty and sink just his size in the bathroom. Hilly liked climbing through this hole at the bottom of a huge two story tree. He was unsure at first but once he did it, he kept going back. Hilly mostly liked following his brother around. Hilly loved this mechanical sheep that was in the barn. It would ever so slightly move his head and Hilly thought it was great, even grabbing a bottle and trying to feed it. I even had fun pretending to be a teacher to the boys in a old school house.

Overall I think I just liked the Treehouse Museum better. I would love to go back. The boys had a great time and they both found things that they could do for their ages. The workers that were there were all very nice and looked busy going around picking up toys and putting things back where they belonged. I liked that the museum was right by places to eat and other things to do.

He just wants to play Robotron!

This kid climbs everything. He has NO fear. Very often he’ll climb his way up the kitchen barstools and onto an arcade. He then screams for me to come get him.

I’ve found him on dressers, the kitchen table, the counter, the washer, he’s even very dangerously pulled the oven door down (it wasn’t on) and climbed on the door. Oops! He’s gotten very crafty about it too. He’s figured out that if he pulls over a chair or a box he can get up.

There is no stopping that kid!

P.S. Robotron is usually the game I put on for Hilly on our MAME machine. There are fun sounds and he can do pretty well at it because he already takes a hold of both joysticks and moves them back crazily, making him both move and shoot at the same time.

Disneyland 2010 Trip

I just realized we still hadn’t posted any pics of our Disneyland trip when we went to California. If you missed our other posts about the California trip, check out California or bust and At the beach.

We had a great time at Disneyland, and Welly was a great age to really appreciate the park (I think when we went to Disneyland in 2008 he was too young to really appreciate it, and that was about the same for Hilly this time around). Welly pretty much kept his mouse ears from his last trip on the whole time and had a blast with this cousins the whole time.

We were really worried about Welly before the trip because he has a tendency to run off when he sees something he likes, and we seriously considered plunking down a bunch of cash on a kid GPSsystem. Ultimately though, we decided to instead have him wear a twinner outfit with his daddy, write Mark’s cell phone number on his arm in pen, and then we got him one of those kid backpacks that allows you to attach a “leash” to keep track of your kid (yes, we are those kind of parents). As it turned out though, he did great, and there was plenty of family around to keep track of him the whole time.

It was a great trip, and Welly still asks us all the time when we get in the car “Are we going to California again!”. Below are some pics from our day at Disneyland:

Biker Babies

Many of you know that Marky loves his scooters. We haven’t been able to register or ride any of our scooters really this year or last, but our brother-in-law Gary has a scooter just like Marky’s black one, and he got his registered this year, so Marky couldn’t pass up the chance to ride it (and neither could the boys).

Hilly just sat on it with daddy, but Welly actually got to go on a little ride. He was so cute with his little foot on top of Marky’s foot, he was in little boy heaven.

Thanks for letting us ride your scooter Gary, the boys loved it!

Binky boy

I think his Grandma was watching him when he found it. I had a bunch of binky’s from when Welly was a baby in the toy box. Welly never liked binky’s, and Hilly never had one either in the first year of his life, but ever since Hilly found one, he’s been in love with them. He doesn’t have a favorite or anything, he doesn’t care as long as it’s a binky. When Welly was a baby I didn’t know which one was the best kind of binky so I got all different types. I think it’s super cute and I’m in no hurry to break him of the binky habit. Anything to keep my babies babies longer is cool with me. They grow up way too fast anyway. He’s so cute with his little binky, if I give him something to eat, he’ll put it up to his mouth and try to put it in forgetting the binky is in. He even laughs with it in.

What a goof.

Hilly should thank his lucky stars he’s not of spanking age.

I’ve been on a pie kick lately. We got some great recipes from Mark’s aunt, and have been making our way through them. For some reason they’ve been mostly Mark’s favorites so I thought it was time to make my favorite, Coconut Cream. I was pretty excited to make a homemade coconut cream pie. I’ve never attempted it before. The recipe was a bit more involved than I usually do, there was a lot of stirring involved, toasted coconut, whipping some heavy cream, and of course a homemade flaky buttery crust, but all that work seemed more than worth it. Just look at that pie! Yummy!

My Mom came over to help out with the kids while I made the pie. I learned my lesson about kids distracting me while cooking with this disaster of a pie. The crust turned out great. The filling looked great and smelled great. So coconutty!

The pie cooled on the counter for an hour and then into the fridge for another one. I whipped the cream and sugar to make the oh so tasty topping, I pipped it on decoratively and then sprinkled on the JUST toasted coconut.

It was perfect! I got plenty of pictures before we devoured into it!

I couldn’t wait to eat some, I was so excited, I put down my camera so I could dish it up and just as I turned around, and just like slow motion, Hilyard pulled on the tablecloth and down came the pie!!! I screamed trying to dive to save it, but it was too late. My scream scared Hilyard and he started to cry. I should have cried but I didn’t. All that stirring, the filling, the topping, the crust, the toasted coconut, GONE! Without even a taste. And to top it all off, my brand new, $20 splurge of a pie plate purchase was broken.

Mark kept saying, “oh, Mel, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”. I did feel bad, but not crying bad. I was sooo looking forward to gaining a good 3 or 4 pounds with that pie. I was excited to share it with my in-laws. It was hard to see it wasted after all that work. Mark was so sweet and tried to make things better, so at 9:30 at night, we made a trip to Village Inn for a coconut cream pie.

Lesson to be learned here, don’t leave Hilly alone with pie and quit using tablecloths! That punk. I haven’t tried to make it again, I’m giving myself some time.