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Thanksgiving Leftover Bread

Since me and Marky have been taking our bread making class, we have been on the lookout for some fun bread recipes to try. We found one that uses many of the same ingredients as turkey stuffing, and we thought it would be fun to try it out.

I loved it! We spread a little mayo on it, put on some cranberry jelly, and a few slices of turkey. It tastes just like thanksgiving leftover, it is so great. As a bonus, it also made our house smell heavenly!

Here is Welly enjoying his sandwich. I wasn’t sure he would like the cranberry sauce, but he ate it right up and said he really liked it.

Even though Hilly doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it too much, he ate quite a bit of it and seemed to really like it too.

Once it cooled down, Marky sliced it all up with the electric knife. It worked great, that is the way to do it. We chop it up, and then put it in a bread bag (they sell them at Maceys, come with the twist ties too).

Click here to get the recipe for this bread!

Recent photog practice…

I went up Logan Canyon the other day to get some fall leaf pictures. I didn’t come away with a whole lot of ones with bright fall leaves in them. I did get some cutes ones of the boys. They both came along, as well as my Mom. But I’m going to make a separate post with their pictures since we visited the Stokes Nature Center (I want to do a little review about that). I think I’ll go up again, maybe through Sardine this time.

Does anyone have a favorite spot in the Logan Canyon or Sardine?

Here are two Artsy ones from when I went up Logan Canyon that were okay. These were taken on the Stokes Nature Trail.

Grandpa Tacos

My Dad makes the best tacos! I’ve told Mark this many times and finally we got him over to make some tacos for us the other week, GRANDPA STYLE!

My Dad told me what ingredients he likes and I made some homemade tortillas just like my Mom used to make.

The best part about Grandpa tacos, besides their awesome taste, is he makes them all. He fries them up, he even puts all the toppings on for you. We just sat at the table and he served us! Grandpa’s the best!

Grandpa tacos also get the cheese melted right on the tortilla while it’s still in the pan, with a little pepper.

One topping that my Dad always does is onions, which I usually don’t do for my own family. But since my Dad was there to eat them with me, we chopped up some onions and my Dad and I had some on our tacos.

It was way fun to have Grandpa over. I love having my boys spend time with their Grandpa. It’s really important to me that they know their Grandparents and create memories with them.

Thanks Dad!

Why Mark? Why?

Mark makes me laugh. He always has, but why does he have to do it when I’m trying to take a picture?

I was trying to practice taking some night time shots (obviously). I was using the slowest shutter speed to see what it would do…I was taking an awfully long time doing it, so from the car behind me Mark was yelling things at me.

I had watched the entire series of Travels to the Edge, a show about a National Geographic photographer (who mostly does wildlife photography) and in one episode he said that sometimes to get that PERFECT shot he’d lay in waiting for hours, sometimes he couldn’t move so he’d have to urinate on himself. I heard Mark say something about taking my time and I might have to urinate on myself…and I started laughing.

I think next time I’ll bring my tripod and leave Mark at home. Just teasing, it was so fun have Mark come along with me, he usually doesn’t get to. Mark was very willing to drive me back and forth between the University and the Temple to get some fun sunset then night time photos.

(usually)willing model

While out the other day searching for barns to photograph, we found some pretty cool looking old trucks in Paradise, Utah. Here is one of the blue ones we found close by the Cracker Barrel. Welly was willing to be my model because that meant he could get out of the car for a minute. Too bad there was so much shade on his face (I don’t always think about that stuff).

This old dump truck looked pretty rusty so I didn’t think Welly should get on it without a tetanus shot first. This one was near a fish hatchery in Paradise Utah.

Hilyard has fun at the cemetery and me, well…I’m sick!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Memorial day! Hilyard had some fun at the cemetery, thanks to Grandma Farmer swinging him in the basket she brought the flowers in.

Sorry Grandma Skiby, Hilyard also had fun walking and sitting on your headstone. He used it like a chair.

I love spending time with family on Memorial Day. Although, this year I’m trying to not be around people. My Mom was brave enough to meet me at the cemetery today so that I could get out of the house for a minute. I’ve been cooped up in the house for over a week, I don’t being in the house all day but on days like today, it kills me.