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Bathroom Baby

Wells loves that white noise, and second best to the running of the slurpee machine is the bathroom fan. There’s been a few nights where he wont quiet down unless we’re in the bathroom with the fan on. Luckily, this bathroom is right off our room, so there has been a few times where he has fallen asleep and I’ll just leave him buckled in his bouncy in the bathroom. It seems to work out well when nothing else will.

Carseat Buddies

Wellington hated his carseat at first, until we got these little soft things to put on the straps. He loves them and now likes his carseat more. They are soft and dont cut into his little baby neck. One time he was asleep and had his hands holding onto the heads of his “carseat buddies”, it was pretty cute.

Wellington’s blessing.

We’ve decided to bless Wellington on Saturday, January 27th at 1:30 p.m. (we have the church until 4p.m.) Anyone is welcome to come. It is at the 18th ward building, in the cultural hall (if your from out of town and need directions-email me).

We will bless him then have a potluck lunch. If you’ld like to bring something that would be awesome. Nobody has assignments yet, so salads, drinks, chips and desserts are available. I’m making sloppy joes as the main dish.

Anyway, we’d love to have everyone come, and we’ll be in the cultural hall so all the kids can run free.

1 Month Old

Wellington is one month old today. He was trying out his beaver bunting yesterday. It was very warm and he loved it. Wellington is doing good and getting bigger little by little. I weighed him at Heidi’s house the other day with her newborn weigher and he was 10 lbs and 4 oz. He’s been sleeping really good through the night. His neck is strong and can hold it up. He is a really good eater and doesn’t ever want to stop. He had his first formula bottle last week in addition to being breastfed and it seems to help him be more satisfied.

Anyway, he’s doing good and we’re planning on blessing him the first part of January, probably on a Saturday, at the 18th ward building(so that we can have a lunchoen with everyone afterwards, there is no way we could fit everyone in our condo), although we haven’t picked an exact date yet. I’ll let everyone know when we know.

There are a few new pics of Wellington.Click here to see the pictures!!!

Hum of the machines

When Wellsy is a bit fussy, tired, or needs a liitle coaxing to stop crying, we just take him into the kitchen, next to the slurpee machine and he calms right down. I think he loves all the “white noise” in the kitchen, with all the sounds from the pop and slurpee machines, and the dryer running. We’re never getting rid of the slurpee machine! Mark is the best at getting him to sleep like this as you can see in the picture.

With cousin Gray

Wellington has a lot of catching up to do with his cousin Gray. Gray is Heidi and Gary’s newest baby, and what a chunk he is. Gray is such a smiley baby and so cute. I think Wellington and Gray will be buddies and get into plenty of trouble. It was fun to be pregnant the same time as Heidi and now its fun to have the cousins together.

First 2 weeks home

We’ve had baby Wellington home for two weeks now. I’m feeling pretty good but still taking it kinda easy. Wellington lost some weight the first few days (which is normal), but is now back up to 9 lbs. 2 oz. He eats all the time, so I’m sure he’ll be growing pretty fast and be a chunk in no time. He’s a really good baby, and only cries when he’s hungry or needs a diaper change. Even then he’s pretty good during his diaper changes. He loves to be cuddled and we spoil him and cuddle him all the time. The first few nights we’re pretty rough, but now I think I’m getting used to no sleep. Although the last few nights he’s been sleeping 5 and 6 hours straight (it’s heaven) We love having him home and we’re so happy. Oh, and he’s a really stinky baby, so we’ve been calling him Smellington.

He could be a banker!

As most of you know, we finally had our baby, and both mom and baby are healthy and doing great.

He was a large baby boy, coming in at 9 lbs. 13 ounces and 22 inches long. We have decided on the name Wellington William Joseph Stevenson (it’s a tradition in my family to have 2 middle names). We really like the name Wellington, and both of us agree that it pretty much solidifies his future as a banker (or some other respectable profession, hence the title). You just don’t meet any homeless bums named Wellington :)

He was born on November 14th at 7:30pm. We just got back home today and are now adjusting to having the baby home with us. He’s doing great eating and Melanie is doing great too.

We have updated the photo gallery with some pictures of Wellington.