We have many different projects we work on (many couldn’t be done without Gary). Here are some of the different projects we have completed or are working on:

Mini Galaga Arcade Machine
This is a small Galaga Arcade Machine we made (about 22″ tall). It actually works and uses a small 5″ LCD and a Jakks plug ‘n play joystick as it’s “guts”. We have all the details on the build and finish.

CNC Machine
Gary and I made our own CNC machine. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, and refers to the computer control of machine tools to make complex parts in wood as well as other materials.

1965 C200 Engine Upgrade
We recently upgraded the engine on our 1965 C200 (originally a 90cc engine, then swapped with a 70cc engine, and now upgraded to a 140cc engine).

Puffy Heart Quilt
Take a look at the biggest quilt I’ve ever made. A king size, super puffy, soft quilt.

Mini Mario Bros. – Valentines Box Contest
Here is a mini Mario Brothers cabinet that we cut on the CNC machine, and then finished for a local video game themed Valentines box contest.

Everything you ever wanted to know about how to get a title for old titleless vehicles in utah!
If you have ever bought an old vehicle that didn’t come with a title, this step by step guide will help you apply for one in Utah.