I Love You Links, do you love me?

I love links. I really do. I think the possibility of finding a cool new site is exciting. Here’s a quick list of some cool sites. Ones I’ve posted about in the past, and some I’ve just come across. If you have any links you want to share, please do!

Generators;These are fun little things for your blog like countdowns, widgets and quizzes.
Says-it, Say’s it all.
Handy Tools
Be TV Guides Sexiest Star
A bit Morbid

Fabric; Something I love (Heather also has great fabric resources on her blog)!
Retro and Kids

Geeky and Cool; sites too cool for school!
Hack A Day
Geeky Gadget Reviews
Movie Reviews
How Stuff Works
Fashion for Geeks
My best t-shirt site pics (all in one convenient list)
Mp3 search
Coolest baby reviews and product blog

Cache Valley Related; I love my town and these are some great local resources.
City Parks
Food Tour
Resort and Spa

Where we get our deals; You get what you pay for.
Sellout Woot
Shirt Woot
Ben’s Bargains
Free Stuff