I hate using public restrooms. It grosses me out for the most part. But when I was pregnant with Wellington and Hilyard and now with this baby I usually didn’t have the option of holding it until I get home. I have to go sometimes hourly and because of this I’ve become very familiar with the public restrooms of Logan.

This is the Top 5 Ladies Rooms of Logan

Of course this list ONLY includes ladies rooms! What?! Did you expect me to venture into a Men’s room just for the sake of a low-class Melarky post? Sorry male Melarky readers, I don’t care if you find a clean bathroom or not.

Pier 49 Pizza- For a pizza joint the toilet is pretty nice. This is a fairly new establishment, so everything is new. Favorite features include fancy tile and dark stained wood, large heavy wood door. This is a single bathroom, no stalls here! so there is plenty of privacy. So if your like me and your weird about people hearing you (classy I know) this bathroom will be perfect for you. It is located in Providence, just East of the maverick, and right by the movie theater.
Caspers Ice Cream- Just a few steps away from Peir 49 Pizza, is my next pick. This bathroom is shockingly nice. I was really surprised to find a nice changing table in the single bathroom and not one of those that folds down from the wall. It’s a fancy sleigh style wooden changing table, like one you might find in a pottery barn magazine. The decor is nice, and very modern. Every time I’ve been there It’s always been very clean and nice smelling.
Cache Valley Mall (west bathrooms)-Now there is the girls and boys bathroom and then there is the family one. I’m talking about the family bathroom. Whenever I’d gone in there it’s always clean. The family bathroom has smaller sized toilets that are lower to the ground for your little ones, or I guess if you have a small bum. I also really liked how they are against spitting on the floor (actual sign).
Macey’s-Probably the most consistanly clean grocery store bathroom. Then they also have complimentary diapers if you find yourself in a diaper emergency.
Cache Valley Women’s Center at the Lodge-This single bathroom definitely lives up to the number one spot. It’s located in a medical office, full of gynecologists, so its certainly geared toward women. I’m a fan of the tile going up the wall, the mirror and dark wood on the sink and mood lighting make this bathroom an oasis! It’s always nice and clean. Sorry no picture of the actual bathroom.