An experiment.

Continuing my thoughts about change. Is it possible for someone to really change? Not just for a short amount of time. Not for just a week or a month. But change for good? I wonder is it one defining moment that sparks the person to change or is it a constant battle?

After my last post about change, I decided to conduct an experiment on myself. There are many things I would like to improve about myself. I know everyone has a list of things they would change about themselves. I want to be more patient with my kids. I want to be more friendly and outgoing. But ultimately what I want to change is my unhealthy eating habits. So I’m going to test myself and see if its possible to change. Is it possible for me to change how I eat? If faced with an unhealthy choice, will I pick a healthy one?

I know for a while now that I needed to change how I eat. I’ve been here before. Years ago, I found myself unhealthy and unhappy. And I changed. I lost 25lbs. For me, having children means I have an accordion for a body. Ups and downs. And I get that. But I want to change my (and this sounds so cheesy) my relationship with food. I don’t want to eat if I’m sad or trying to fill a void or bored. I also don’t want to develop diabetes. I want to be more active for not only myself and my personal well being, but I want to be an example to my children of how to eat right and be active. Even though I want this for my boys, I think it wasn’t until after I had my girl did it really hit home that I want to be an example for her.

This is a before and after picture I made in 2011 after I lost 25lbs.

So how am I going to change? For me, it’s starting gradual with little changes. I’m following what I did last time I lost weight. I’m eating smaller more frequent meals, I’m going low carb/and low to no sugar. I’ve been doing it for a week now and It’s been going good. My stomach aches have gone away, which I would have one every morning. I would tell you I lost weight, but I really don’t know. We don’t own a scale. And really this time I don’t want to focus on a number. I just want to keep going, eating healthier and changing my attitude towards food.

Mark bought doughnuts the other day for the family. And I made a choice not to have one. The decision wasn’t so bad because I made the choice already BEFORE that I wasn’t going to have one. I had a small sugar free treat instead. I think that might be the key, if I want to change, I have to make the decision before I’m faced with the choice.