The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-quarters to one awesome Halloween party.

My sister-in-law’s put on a WAY FUN Halloween party for the cousins this year. The bar has been set very high! It was a Harry Potter themed party. So much thought was put into every detail. Personalized invitations, decorations, signs, food, games…it was awesome! There was a platform 9 3/4, Diagon Alley where the kids bought what they needed for hogwarts school. They had to visit GrinGott’s Wizard Bank. They also got their very own hand carved wand made my Mark’s brother, Scott. A few of the other activities included the sorting hat ceremony where they kids were put into houses, a potions class, Quidditch, and a big feast.

The kids and adults had a blast. Here are a bunch of pictures where you can see all the fun we had.

Each child came away with their very own handmade wand and scarf and a black cauldron full of treats and toys.

P.S. I got pictures of all the cousins doing the sorting hat and outside before the party, I’ll try and email all those out so you can have the pictures of your kids.