Don’t save me a piece of that corn…

If you’ve ever seen Nacho Libre, you know that corn plays a fairly big role in the movie. It’s not just any corn, but some street corn on the cob with mayo, cheese, and cayenne. It looked good, and it seemed pretty easy to make, so we decided to try it tonight.

Welly helping us shuck the corn and get it ready to cook. He kept asking “Why does corn have so much hair?”

After we cooked the corn (can be grilled too if you prefer, we saw it both ways when looking at recipes online), we got all our fixins’ ready to assemble the corn. That is Queso Cotija (can use Parmesan cheese if you can’t find this authentic cheese, it really tasted similar to me), homemade mayo (we still just make our own mayo when we need some, it’s so much better than store bought and cheaper too), and a little cayenne pepper.

You just apply a generous amount of Mayonnaise to the cooked corn (who knew that butter and salt would be a healthier alternative to another cultures take on corn).

Then sprinkle/roll in the cheese.

Then finish it off with a light dusting of cayenne pepper.

Here is Welly so excited to try the new style of corn. He really bit into it with gusto!

Here is Welly realizing the new style of corn has cayenne pepper on it and that it’s too spicy.

Here is Welly getting some sweet sweet relief from a cold beverage. Don’t worry, we made him a new one without the cayenne and he loved it.

As you may have guessed from the title, I don’t think I’ll be making this corn again any time soon. It was ok, if anything, maybe too cheesy (we ended up kind of scraping off the cheese after a few bites, but I figure whats the point then). I guess if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. I love corn on the cob with some butter and salt, and while this wasn’t gaggy or gross, it wasn’t better than standard corn and it was more work and prep, and not as healthy. It was fun to try, and we can cross it off our bucket list, but I think it’s a case of it looks better than it tastes.