Quickie Update

I think that’s the longest I’ve ever gone on Melarky without making a post. I blame Facebook, it’s just so easy to make a quick update or upload pictures to Facebook through my phone. I also can’t seem to find time to sit down and write posts anymore. I used to write them at night, when the boys were asleep, but I just can’t stay up late anymore. I want to be in bed!

We’ve been busy the last few months finishing the downstairs of our condo. I think it was in April when we started remodeling and we finished the first of August. It’s nice to have it all done. Anyone is welcome to come check it out, I just can’t promise it will be clean when you do. I’ll make a post hopefully soon with all the pictures.

Other things that are new, we’re expecting #3 in February. We had an early ultrasound on week 15 and found out it’s a boy. I’m pretty excited that it’s a boy, it better be a boy! I’ll go in again at the end of the month, at week 19 when it will be easier to tell if he is really a boy or not. But I’m pretty sure he is. We’re busy scouring genealogy for baby names and we’ve found some pretty interesting ones.

Mark is starting school again this semester. He is trying to get his very least favorite classes out of the way, Math. He’s doing way good though and I’m way proud of him.

Lots going on and I’ll try to update more often.