Kitchen Renovation Part 6: Grout and Stuff

Just a quick update that we grouted the back splash tile last night. We still have to do a little cleaning and de-hazing on it, then after about 2 weeks we throw some sealer on it and it should be good to go (we can use it in the meantime of course, you just have to wait a few weeks before sealing to really let the grout set).

Our tile for the floor should be arriving next Wednesday, so that means we have to do some serious moving and cleaning before then to get EVERYTHING out of the downstairs by then (including ripping out the downstairs bathroom vanity). Don’t know where we will put it all, there is a lot of stuff. The tile we picked is a “wood-look” tile, so it is meant to resemble hard wood. We really like the look of wood, but don’t want to worry about moisture in the kitchen, so it seemed like the best of both worlds. Here is a picture of it I found on google, but it definitely needs to be seen in person to really tell how cool it is:

I know that is hard to tell what it will really look like installed. I found a picture of the same tile from the same manufacturer, just a lighter shade than we ordered, and I think it looks nice: