Hilyard has fun at the cemetery and me, well…I’m sick!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Memorial day! Hilyard had some fun at the cemetery, thanks to Grandma Farmer swinging him in the basket she brought the flowers in.

Sorry Grandma Skiby, Hilyard also had fun walking and sitting on your headstone. He used it like a chair.

I love spending time with family on Memorial Day. Although, this year I’m trying to not be around people. My Mom was brave enough to meet me at the cemetery today so that I could get out of the house for a minute. I’ve been cooped up in the house for over a week, I don’t being in the house all day but on days like today, it kills me.

I’ve never had pneumonia before and I’ve found out it’s no fun. My fever has gone away though and my body isn’t aching anymore, so I figure I’m getting better. On the days I feel better, I get ahead of myself and over do it. I’m a dummy, I know, but I had to get out of the house for a minute. And no, I don’t have any pneumonia pictures to go along with this post. No cool shots of my lungs or of me at the doctors. So I’ll just post the ones I took at the cemetery.

I sat on the grass taking pictures while my Mom trimmed the mini rose bushes. Hilyard was running around and I had to keep getting up to get him and that made me really tired and short of breath. I overheard a family as they stood over a grave, mention the word pneumonia. Nice. So I figured I better go home and rest and stop hanging out at the cemetery, before I end up there. I’m just teasing, I don’t think I’m dying.

Okay, I loved this one. Notice his feet? He was falling back but recovered nicely. He didn’t fall over at all. And I have no idea who’s grave he was standing on there, Sorry who ever that was.

Friday morning I went in to Instacare after a week of not feeling good and fevers. When I got there, my heart rate wasn’t right, I was dehydrated and had a fever. They put me on a IV, took some blood, and did some other tests. I called Mark to tell him I wouldn’t be home for a while, and he said he’d come over to keep me company (Love that guy!) After being there a while, the doctor came in and said that she wanted to do a chest X-ray (I was really rackin’ up the medical bill!!) It was a good thing though, because we then knew what it was. I stayed a while longer and got a antibiotics shot in my IV and they made sure I felt better before I left.

I’m trying really hard not to give it to anyone, particularly the kids. I would feel so bad if they got it. I keep making Mark check to make sure Hilyard doesn’t have a fever.