“It’s Messy!”

Reading my brother Troy’s blog, inspired me to update a little on our page. Nothing new exciting really to tell. I’ve been busy with my math class, with my church calling, and with the house. I’ll be starting work at my in-law’s audiology clinic this week. Just a few hours a week but It should be good. I spent the day yesterday cleaning up our second bedroom. It was very messy and disorganized. I knew it needed to get done, but it wasn’t until our 2 year old neice, Olivia, came into the room and totally unprovoked said, “its messy!”. :) Last night about 5 am, our smoke alarm went off, we both woke up startled, Mark went around the house checking it out, but it was nothing. It was just very strange cause it usually doesn’t go off like that even if the battery is running out. I couldn’t get back to sleep for a while, thinking about if we really did have a fire, what would I grab; pictures, important papers, my wedding dress, and I hate to say it but I think if we had enough time, we would wheel our tv out the door. :)