Army face paint isn’t attractive for a first date.

Mark and I had our first date on Halloween in 1998. We were supposed to be at USU’s Halloween dance drawing caricatures for our art class, but we ditched out and went to my apartment instead to watch The Willies, a stupid “b” movie. I had dressed up for Halloween like an army girl because I thought we were going to the dance, but we ended up not, but I felt stupid, because Mark didn’t dress up. NOT only was I in full army atire, I had used real army face pant witch is very greasy, hard to get off and not attractive at all. After I had wiped off all my army make-up, Mark and I had our first kiss (oh la la!). We went to Central Park after the movie for some dinner. I had requested to eat there not knowing at the time that Mark hated the place and thought the establishment was unsanitary, but he still went because that’s where I wanted to go (what a guy!). And that was our first date. :)