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I screamed for her (and maybe wet my pants a little too)…

I can’t believe she wasn’t screaming and freaking out in general. I jumped back a bit when I saw Marky watching it. From what I gathered, she was just filming her morning commute or something and started filming the 2 trucks that were blocking both lanes when all of a suddens she had that near death experience. From what she said in an interview, she didn’t scream due to shock (she said she had a hard time even speaking to the 911 operator) and luckily she wasn’t really hurt, just damaged the hood and windshield. Makes me not want to drive behind any trucks for awhile.

Quick Blankets

For Valentines day I made the boys some blankets.

That’s his “cheese” smile.

For Hilly I used an old sheet I bought off of eBay a while ago. I then used some stripy flannel for the back, I then tied it with yarn (personal preference) then used some red double fold bias tape around the edges to finish it. It took me under a hour to do it all.

He calls it his “slippy” after hearing his cousin Grey calling his silky blanket a slippy.

Welly already has a big video game themed blanket I made him (pac man) so he got a smaller silky red blanket. This went together in like 10 mintues. Super easy. I didn’t tie it. I just sewed around the edges with the right sides together, then leaving a little space to turn it inside out. The after I turned it, I sewed up the open space.

I’m all about quick and easy…

P.S. I really want to make a new sewing video! Any ideas?

Who’s Fryin’ Bologna?

We stumbled onto this guy on youtube a while back, and decided he was just too good to keep to ourselves. He’s that rare chef that makes you ask yourself the important questions like “Am I under utilizing my sink as counter space?”.

All joking aside, I really do want to make a bologna sammich now.

Re-edited Mel Vs. Heidi

We re-edited the first Mel Vs. Heidi to be more like the others (graphics and music etc…). Check out me and my sister-in-law Heidi almost vomit for your entertainment (we had to go through a lot of Heidi dry heaving from the original footage to get it slimmed down to it’s current form, it was pretty rough.) We actually cut out about 4 minutes.

P.S. There are new flavors of Bertie Botts. Time for a new one?

The camera adds 10 lbs……OF CUTENESS!

Mark was at a health fair for his work. They provided free hearing screenings while they were there and a look into your ear with a video otoscope. Their booth was busy the whole time! While he was there one of our local stations interviewed him.

So proud of my Marky. I think he is so handsome on camera!


Liking this song lately. Thanks to one of my favorite apps….Shazam I was able to identify this song from the radio. I don’t really get the artwork on the video but that’s not what’s important.

Tasty Popsicle

After Hilyard hurt his mouth falling down I let him have a bit of Popsicle to help it feel better. He loved it! I grabbed my camera because he kept smacking his lips. Of course when I turned on the camera he kinda stopped but I just loved the lip smacking.

Hilly will be a year old soon. Crazy!