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Yeah, I’ve got nothing.

So I want to try out this new app. But I seriously have nothing to blog about it. I feel boring. I used to blog to try to entertain my readers but now I want to use more for like a family journal. Something that would be fun to look back on. I love to look back on our old posts and eventually I want to print my blog to a book.

So what’s going on with us? Schedules. Lots of schedules. Which is really weird for us. If you know me you know I’m a gal that sits back and just kinda goes with the flow. None of my babies ever had a real sleep or eating schedule. A few years ago I could still sleep in, but now were all about routine and schedules and I like it. Mark has a crazy schedule with full time school and work. Welly has his little schedule with school. Hilly love his routine and Gus well he still doesn’t have a strict sleep and eating schedule, but he’s getting there just because he has to keep up with his brothers.

The whole family is up and ready for the day bright and early. And I love it. Welly is off to school and Mark is too and I can get so much done before it’s even 10 am. Then a few hours later its back in the car to pick up, drop off, lunch, more driving. Homework. And let me tell you this kindergartener has a lot of homework and of course Welly drags his feet on it. Usually he has two sheets of math, we practice phonograms, and memorizing his poem. Then is onto dinner and bedtime routine. Then Mark and I have our own little ritual these days as soon as the kids are asleep we sneak downstairs to watch tv in peace. And it is so nice! Actually we are doing that right now, and I’m blogging at the same time! Thank you ipad and Zagg Folio case!

Oh, now to try some code. It’s been a while. Get ready to watch me practice!

I love Fast N’ Loud


I also love this guy….
If he didn’t work in the hearing health care profession I would totally have him grow his beard out. :) Just kidding. Actually this is more than anyone ever wanted to know, but I love Marky, beard or no beard. Sometimes he’ll shave his beard and he will look so young and be a fun change, but I also love him with a beard. I’m glad I’m not him and have to decide. What a burden it must be to be so handsome. :)

Testing out the wordpress app

I was really excited to find the WordPress app for the ipad the other day. I just don’t blog like I used to because I had to be at the desktop, usually when the kids were asleep, and these days I don’t want to be up when everyone else is asleep! I want to be asleep too! Blogging got to be too hard because Facebook is so easy, I can do it quick on my phone while I’m nursing, or waiting in the car for Mark. But I’m hoping armed with this new app plus this awesome keyboard case we have for the ipad (you should get it, its called Zagg, I think) I’m hoping to do more blogging.

Looks like I can do some code, but I’ll just do this for now to test it out.

Cool I can add pictures pretty easy. I just grabbed this photo quick.


Help us win $7500!

Mark’s pride was really hurt when he stepped right through our bathroom ceiling! While trying to install a CAT5 in our house, he made a misstep and made a large hole in the ceiling. We kinda tried to patch it up but it’s more like a band aid over a gash! (ewe)

We also, okay it was me, left the sink running and it overflowed and the water damaged the floor underneath the linoluem making a bubble in the middle of the floor! The shower head leaks, when the shower is on it “screams” at you….to name a few of the things we want to fix.

To make a long story short we need a new bathroom so when we heard about Zions Bank’s Home Improvement Challenge we entered a photo and made it to the top 10! So excited!

The winner will get $7500 towards their renovations.

The photo with the most votes wins! So we need all the help we can get.

I actually really hate begging friends on facebook to do this. I hate to be a bug, but it really would help.

You can vote once a day, everyday until May 24th.

Just click this link below and it will take you where you need to go.

Click here to vote for us!

and then once there, click the text link “like this” to vote for our photo! Because Zions is doing their contest through their Facebook page sometimes it’s confusing when you see their “like” link, that likes their Zions Bank page, but just remember to click the link by our ‘feet dangling’ picture and you’ll be good to go!

We really appreciate everyone’s help and as a little incentive we will have a big party/bbq at our house if we win! Everyone is invited! Free Food!

One hot soon-to-be Audioprosthologist.

Super proud to have such a hard working husband. He has the best work ethic of anyone I know. I’m also proud of him that he takes the initiative and is wanting to be better at what he does. This next year he’ll be working hard to add the title Audioprosthologist to his lab coat.

I know, what is that? From what I understand he will be learning advanced skills in fitting hearing aids. It’s supposed to be a really good course and he’s excited because it’s only offered in Utah every couple of years. It also means one weekend a month, for a year, Mark will be in Salt Lake. His classes start in January and we’re planning on joining him on the weekends he’s in Salt Lake as soon as we can, when the new baby is a bit older (baby is due in February). Hate to be apart!

I know he’ll be great at it! He’s great at anything he does. Basically he’s awesome. :)

Making time for each other.

Between lack of time, finances, and babysitters. It can be hard to go on a date, so we’ve started having dinner dates at home. We’ve done it three or four times now.

Basically we feed the kids first. It’s usually mac and cheese, something easy and quick or random leftovers I throw on their school trays. Then after they’re done eating Mark or I take turns making a fun dinner just for us.

This last dinner Mark made was an amazing, fancy steak stroganoff. It was probably the most tasty thing I’ve had in a long time (recipe to come later). He brought home flowers and Martinelles. We put on a table cloth, put out candles and dim the lights.

We’ve also used Sautes for Two from Stouffers before. They are WAY tasty and easy to make. Our favorite is steak gorgonzola. Put it with some garlic or pesto bread, a fancy drink and don’t forget dessert! We’ve had cheesecake before, doughnuts (fancy!) and lemon merienge pie.

While we’re eating our dinner, we turn on a movie for the boys. It’s pretty cute, they try to come in an sit at the table with us or sneak food. We try to shoo them away but by the time were eating dessert we give in and let them come in and have dessert with us. One time Welly came in and hanging out by the counter said, “I’m just going to watch you eat”. It was funny.

We have two of those Sautes for Two in the freezer and I want to try making beef Wellington sometime for us. I also really want to try to make some chocolate souffles sometime too.

I love our dinner dates and I love our time together. I love treating Mark and “US” to something special. It doesn’t take a lot of money or planning, but it means a lot and goes a long way for your marriage.

Waiting for more snow.

Wellington and Hilyard Fall 2011

We’ve enjoyed fall. I always do. The cooler weather, the fall leaves, the colors, Halloween.

But I think we’re all excited for the snow to come. It snowed a little the other week. The boys wanted to be out in it constantly. Hilly wanted to eat “no” each chance he got. It seems were back to fall for a little while though.

We’ll do more leaf kicking in the mean time while were waiting for more snow.


I hate using public restrooms. It grosses me out for the most part. But when I was pregnant with Wellington and Hilyard and now with this baby I usually didn’t have the option of holding it until I get home. I have to go sometimes hourly and because of this I’ve become very familiar with the public restrooms of Logan.

This is the Top 5 Ladies Rooms of Logan

Of course this list ONLY includes ladies rooms! What?! Did you expect me to venture into a Men’s room just for the sake of a low-class Melarky post? Sorry male Melarky readers, I don’t care if you find a clean bathroom or not.

Pier 49 Pizza- For a pizza joint the toilet is pretty nice. This is a fairly new establishment, so everything is new. Favorite features include fancy tile and dark stained wood, large heavy wood door. This is a single bathroom, no stalls here! so there is plenty of privacy. So if your like me and your weird about people hearing you (classy I know) this bathroom will be perfect for you. It is located in Providence, just East of the maverick, and right by the movie theater.
Caspers Ice Cream- Just a few steps away from Peir 49 Pizza, is my next pick. This bathroom is shockingly nice. I was really surprised to find a nice changing table in the single bathroom and not one of those that folds down from the wall. It’s a fancy sleigh style wooden changing table, like one you might find in a pottery barn magazine. The decor is nice, and very modern. Every time I’ve been there It’s always been very clean and nice smelling.
Cache Valley Mall (west bathrooms)-Now there is the girls and boys bathroom and then there is the family one. I’m talking about the family bathroom. Whenever I’d gone in there it’s always clean. The family bathroom has smaller sized toilets that are lower to the ground for your little ones, or I guess if you have a small bum. I also really liked how they are against spitting on the floor (actual sign).
Macey’s-Probably the most consistanly clean grocery store bathroom. Then they also have complimentary diapers if you find yourself in a diaper emergency.
Cache Valley Women’s Center at the Lodge-This single bathroom definitely lives up to the number one spot. It’s located in a medical office, full of gynecologists, so its certainly geared toward women. I’m a fan of the tile going up the wall, the mirror and dark wood on the sink and mood lighting make this bathroom an oasis! It’s always nice and clean. Sorry no picture of the actual bathroom.

Do you think Logan is boring?

I don’t think so. I love my little valley.

Cache Valley summer sunset.

My husband and I would love to live here for the rest of our lives if we can, and it’s looking more and more likely that we’ll be able to, just as long as he can get into the graduate program he wants to when the time comes. I’ve moved over 20 times in my 30 years of life, and for the last 13 years I’ve called Logan home. I guess that’s why I get so defensive when I hear someone say that there is nothing to do here.

Let me give you some ideas of what you can do.

-Food tour! Visit local food factories to taste a sample of cheese, honey, chocolates, ice cream, cookies, artisan breads, jams and jellies and more! Made right here in Cache Valley. Need more info about the tour go to or call 435-755-1890 This would be a great date activity or if your a hermit and don’t like people, go on your own. I love the cheese factory the best. The boys love going and getting samples. We also love going up to Richmond to Peppridge Farms and Lowers Meats.

Wellington visiting Santa at the mall. FREE to take your own pictures.

-Cache Valley Mall. It’s no Mall of America, but you’ll find plenty to spend your money on. Over 35 shops, an arcade, play area for small children, and of course Trunker Treating at Halloween and Santa at Christmas. Find out more at

Mark and Welly bowling at the Fun Park.

-Fun Park. There’s bowling, roller skating, lazer tag, arcade games and Northern Utah’s largest indoor playground. We love going here to play arcade games, but we’ve done everything here. The lazer tag was a workout (I’m out of shape), the bowling is really fun and especially cool because its kind of glow in the dark. I’ve even crawled around the softplay playground chasing around my kid. Roller skating is fine and just like any other rink pretty much. We like going but we’re big arcade nerds.

Porcupine Dam. Great drive out there, stop at Cracker Barrel on your way!

-The canyon. Just a few minutes away is hiking, camping, biking, great way to go for a car ride, bird watching, fishing (not for me though) and just general exploring. We usually go up Logan Canyon but theres many others to explore…Providence, Green, Blacksmith, Smithfield and Sardine (I’m sure there’s more). Porcupine Dam is fun too and a pretty drive out there.
-Movies. Lots of theaters in town. We like the Providence 8, because its the closest to us.

Seasonal Events:

Sister-in-law Korby knows what Summerfest is all about!

Demolition Derby
Friday Sidewalk sales (downtown)

Cache County Fair. Welly in line for his favorite attraction.

Art Walks
Sledding down old main hill
Polar bear jump

Welly at the Pumpkin Walk.


Here’s some more fun places to visit.

Auntie Carrie with Hilyard at the American West Heritage Center

-American West Heritage Center, Pony Rides, Wagon Rides, Cookouts, Children’s Victorian Tea Parties, Pioneer parties, complete with handcarts or pioneer games. On Thursdays and Saturdays you can enjoy a Tepee Party and play Native American games and other activities. Lots of seasonal activities like baby animal days.
-Renegade Sports. Rides, mini golf, rock climbing, go karts.
-USU has outdoor rental type stuff anyone can rent, like canoes. It’s very cheap, like under $10 bucks.

Wellington and cousin Sadie walking around the zoo.

-The Zoo. More than 400 animals are found at the zoo. It’s a great place for a fun date night walk, a pic nic, or to take the kids. Open daily 9 a.m. to dusk. Located in Logan.

Mark at the school playground by Adam’s park.

-Parks. So many parks to visit. Here is a long list of them. One summer me and my sister went down the list and visited a bunch of new parks we hadn’t been too before. That was pretty fun.
-Trails. So many trails! Here is a list and a map.
-Petsmart. The boys love to visit Petsmart and look at all the animals. Cheap fun.

Wellington and his cousins watching the skateboarders.

-Skatepark. The boys are a bit little for this. But we’ve gone before and watched the older boys skateboard.
-Pool. Right by the Skate park is the pool. This is way fun and not too much. We usually go when our Stake has a pool party.

Mark talking with the owner and sandwich maker at Logan’s Heroes. FYI-Cash or check only.

-Resteraunts. Always somewhere good to go eat. Here is a list of some of our favorites from the cheap to the fancy. A&W’s, Logan’s Heroes, LaBaue’s, Logan Burgers and Sandwiches, Papa Keleys and Henry’s, Mandarin Garden, Bluebird, Pita Pit, Callaways, El Sol, El Toro Viejo, Coppermill, Sizzler, Olive Garden, Elements.

Grandma and cousin Sadie at Charlies.

-And for the sweets. Caspers (great ice cream and juke box), Sweetly Divine (fancy, great pastries), Charlies (nice atmosphere).
-Library. The kids love to go and play on the computers. Again some cheap fun.

Mark feeling all sorts of regret at Aggie Ice Cream (word to the wise, they serve big portions)

-USU. We’re usually up there visiting Daddy at school. But we love to go there also for Aggie Ice Cream and the Marketplace, a great all you can eat place with great food. It’s pretty great actually, lots of things to choose from, great dessert bar. Great laid back place to take your kids.

Beautiful anytime of the year.

-Logan Temple. Fun to walk around outside. Pretty spot to see flowers and take pictures. It’s also pretty great if you can enter in it ;).
-Cox Honey. This is part of the food tour. Its fun to see the bees and sample foods.

Downtown Logan.

-Downtown. I love our little historic downtown. Its fun to walk up and down and look in the shops. We love to stop by the Bluebird, sit at the counter and order a soda or a dessert with the kids.
-Shopping. Tons of stores to shop at!

And my favorite place to be….

At HOME with my boys. This is the best place in Cache Valley! The funnest, safest, loveliest, most important place to be and the most important place to me. I love my home, my family, it just happens to also be in the best, most beautiful valley. :)

Panorama App for iphone

Cool app. Photosynth. It’s an app that uses your camera phone to make 3D images. It can kinda be tricky to get it right, and even then it doesn’t always match up perfectly (that might be a user problem). Pretty great for a phone app though. This is of Bridgerland Audiology (where Mark works). Note: After clicking “Click to View” you can expand the window for a larger view or zoom in and out.

This next one is of our Kitchen and Dining area…this panorama didn’t match up great. But I’ve been excited to get up a picture of the renovations all done, and I think this gives you a good idea of what it looks like now.

And here is one of our Living room, again, not perfect, but you can tell what’s what.

The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-quarters to one awesome Halloween party.

My sister-in-law’s put on a WAY FUN Halloween party for the cousins this year. The bar has been set very high! It was a Harry Potter themed party. So much thought was put into every detail. Personalized invitations, decorations, signs, food, games…it was awesome! There was a platform 9 3/4, Diagon Alley where the kids bought what they needed for hogwarts school. They had to visit GrinGott’s Wizard Bank. They also got their very own hand carved wand made my Mark’s brother, Scott. A few of the other activities included the sorting hat ceremony where they kids were put into houses, a potions class, Quidditch, and a big feast.

The kids and adults had a blast. Here are a bunch of pictures where you can see all the fun we had.

Each child came away with their very own handmade wand and scarf and a black cauldron full of treats and toys.

P.S. I got pictures of all the cousins doing the sorting hat and outside before the party, I’ll try and email all those out so you can have the pictures of your kids.