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Waiting for more snow.

Wellington and Hilyard Fall 2011

We’ve enjoyed fall. I always do. The cooler weather, the fall leaves, the colors, Halloween.

But I think we’re all excited for the snow to come. It snowed a little the other week. The boys wanted to be out in it constantly. Hilly wanted to eat “no” each chance he got. It seems were back to fall for a little while though.

We’ll do more leaf kicking in the mean time while were waiting for more snow.

Kitchen Renovation Part 4: Counter tops and faucet.

Cabinets are all done, shelves in and hardware on! Thanks Brady! Took a few days longer than expected but the counter tops are finally in! I love them. Valley View Granite did a great job and we were very happy with their install. At first I thought they were the wrong shade (creamier than I remember)… I liked them, but the back splash I had already picked out didn’t go with the counter once installed. It was no big deal, I just went to Lowe’s and picked out a few other choices of tile for the back splash that I thought would go better with the counter top.

One thing I really love about the new counters is the bar. They put a bit of a bow on that side instead of just going straight across. Since the cabinets are a bit longer too, the whole counter seems so much larger now. I don’t have a good picture of it yet, but will try to snap one soon. Also, to keep it looking like there is more space, we plan to not store out slush machine on the counter. We may get a cart for it, or we may just store it in the garage and only bring it out when we use it (that would be too sensible). I’d like to make sure we don’t clutter the counters too much (take a look at the before picture on the first post to see what I mean :) ).

(The under cabinet lighting is highlighting our awesome torn up backsplash, can’t wait to get the new backsplash installed, should make a big difference. You can also see some of the new paint on the walls there and the in cabinet lighting on the new larger window cabinet.)

To pick the new backsplash, I got a couple different choices from lowes and then placed them up on the backsplash area and had everyone that came over vote on which one they liked. It was pretty much unanimous, it’s going to be a beige-y marble subway tile. We plan on starting the install tonight, I can’t wait!

(Love the seamless farmhouse sink!)

Gary and Mark got the faucet in. It took some doing they said, but it’s in and working great. I love it and am glad we got it.

We were so excited to give the boys sink tubbies. They loved it and every time I’m doing dishes, Hilly starts taking off his clothes thinking its time for a tubby.

I was worried that the faucet was too big! I think it fits in well and I can still easily open the window in spite of the humongous faucet in the way now.

I love how its all coming along. And I look forward for it to be all done. After the back splash goes in, its time to work on clearing out the rest of the kitchen (two pinballs, an arcade, kitchen table) so that we can rip up the floor to get ready for tile. This will be a big job because we want to put the two pinballs in the garage and to do that, we need to clean out the garage. And it is basically frightening in there.

Kitchen Remodel Part 2: Sink tubbies here we come!

I kept seeing this sink and each time I saw it in a magazine I loved it more and more. After a bit of searching online we found a great deal on the farmhouse sink I wanted. Coming in a little under 100 lbs, it arrived by freight truck. I told Mark to call me as soon as the truck got there (it was being delivered to his work). I sped all the way there because I was so excited to see it.

It is perfect and just what I wanted. It will be great to give the babies sink tubbies in. We tried Hilly out in it and he fits perfect. We later tried both boys in it and they both fit sitting up.

I love the look of it and I think it will be a fun change.

Diaper head.

Hilly takes off his diaper any chance that he gets. And when it’s time to get one back on, its a fight. He runs away, wiggles, kicks, twists that little body.

Even with him cornered I was still having a hard time getting it on his bum, so it went on his head instead. Hilly loved that and thought it was pretty funny. What a goofy boy.

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween Welly said he wanted to be an Army guy. It made things pretty easy on me because we already had the camo pants. Some friends of ours gave us a hunting shirt that looked camo (he’s not wearing it in this picture, we changed it half way throughout the day).

I did buy a few things to complete the ensemble…a dollar store gun and hat (we really broke the bank on that one). The most expensive thing I bought for the costume was a fluffy pull-over jacket that was a whole $7.00! I thought it was a great buy because he can wear it all the time.

Hilyard’s costume was super easy because it was a hand-me-down from Welly. He was pretty cute in that monkey costume. It was perfect for him because he is such a monkey boy.

The first activity of the day was going to the mall to tricker treat with family. Aunt Barbara, cousin Sadie, Auntie Carrie, Grandma, cousins Jeff and Dianna and their new baby Jace was there too. The mall was packed this year and took longer than usual to make the rounds. The kids had the funnest afterwards playing on the kiddie rides and eating candy. My boys also loved it when Grandma walked around with them when the line was moving so slowly.

After the mall, We meet up with Mark and took the boys downtown. It was a little cold and rainy, but it was fun. I love walking around downtown anyway so I didn’t mind. I pushed sleepy Hilly in the stroller while Mark took Welly in the different shops. We found that we got the most candy off main street and down the little side streets.

Later in the day, after naps we went to our wards Halloween activity, where we enjoyed yummy chili and the company of friends. We got even more candy there!

Mark and I also had a date that night. Our first date was on Halloween, 12 YEARS AGO!!!! So I thought it would be fun to take Mark out on a date that night, kind of a first date anniversary thing. Mark’s Mom was super generous and watched the boys while we went to USU’s Halloween dance. It was a good idea in my head and we did have fun, but we realized we are WAY TOO OLD to do anything like that again. Everyone around us was so young, we recognized maybe one song and everyone was singing along to the songs we didn’t know. It was pretty funny. We also thought the music was too loud. We gave up on dancing and went to see a magic show. We like that sort of thing and we had lots of fun. We went to a magic show before and had lots of fun, so this was a perfect activity for us…no dancing. After that, we hung around for a bit then we went and got a hamburger and headed back home to pick up the kids.

We had a great Halloween with the boys and a fun date. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving now, snow and lots of baking!

Fearless baby

Our little Hilly doesn’t have any fear. He’s always climbing. Always attempting new things that you wouldn’t think most kids would attempt willingly. He gets into everything. Way more than I remember Wellington doing. This time, we were at the Logan Temple while I was taking photos of flowers. While focusing on a peony I hear a fuss. I look over and Hilly had got his finger stuck in a sprinkler head hole. I got it out with a little tug. Like a minute later, I was back getting it out again. The third time getting it out we went to a different area away from the temptation. I could just see him getting it stuck in there good and me having to call someone to help me get him unstuck.

I love our little explorer tuff guy. He sure keeps me on my toes.