Yeah, I’ve got nothing.

So I want to try out this new app. But I seriously have nothing to blog about it. I feel boring. I used to blog to try to entertain my readers but now I want to use more for like a family journal. Something that would be fun to look back on. I love to look back on our old posts and eventually I want to print my blog to a book.

So what’s going on with us? Schedules. Lots of schedules. Which is really weird for us. If you know me you know I’m a gal that sits back and just kinda goes with the flow. None of my babies ever had a real sleep or eating schedule. A few years ago I could still sleep in, but now were all about routine and schedules and I like it. Mark has a crazy schedule with full time school and work. Welly has his little schedule with school. Hilly love his routine and Gus well he still doesn’t have a strict sleep and eating schedule, but he’s getting there just because he has to keep up with his brothers.

The whole family is up and ready for the day bright and early. And I love it. Welly is off to school and Mark is too and I can get so much done before it’s even 10 am. Then a few hours later its back in the car to pick up, drop off, lunch, more driving. Homework. And let me tell you this kindergartener has a lot of homework and of course Welly drags his feet on it. Usually he has two sheets of math, we practice phonograms, and memorizing his poem. Then is onto dinner and bedtime routine. Then Mark and I have our own little ritual these days as soon as the kids are asleep we sneak downstairs to watch tv in peace. And it is so nice! Actually we are doing that right now, and I’m blogging at the same time! Thank you ipad and Zagg Folio case!

Oh, now to try some code. It’s been a while. Get ready to watch me practice!

I love Fast N’ Loud


I also love this guy….
If he didn’t work in the hearing health care profession I would totally have him grow his beard out. :) Just kidding. Actually this is more than anyone ever wanted to know, but I love Marky, beard or no beard. Sometimes he’ll shave his beard and he will look so young and be a fun change, but I also love him with a beard. I’m glad I’m not him and have to decide. What a burden it must be to be so handsome. :)

Testing out the wordpress app

I was really excited to find the WordPress app for the ipad the other day. I just don’t blog like I used to because I had to be at the desktop, usually when the kids were asleep, and these days I don’t want to be up when everyone else is asleep! I want to be asleep too! Blogging got to be too hard because Facebook is so easy, I can do it quick on my phone while I’m nursing, or waiting in the car for Mark. But I’m hoping armed with this new app plus this awesome keyboard case we have for the ipad (you should get it, its called Zagg, I think) I’m hoping to do more blogging.

Looks like I can do some code, but I’ll just do this for now to test it out.

Cool I can add pictures pretty easy. I just grabbed this photo quick.


Mommy’s key

written in April 2012- Welly sat next to me in the front seat of our car while we waited for Dad to come out. Welly was playing with my keys in the ignition and saw a strange looking key.

“What’s this key for?” he asked grabbing it.

I explained to Welly the best I could that it helps me remember to say my prayers.

I thought back to years ago when I bought it along with two others. One for me and two for the girls I visit taught at the time. The lesson that month was about prayer and there was a quote in the lesson that particularly stood out to me. It was by Boyd K. Packer, it said, “Learn to pray. Pray often. Pray in your mind, in your heart. Pray on your knees. Prayer is your personal key to heaven. The lock is on your side of the veil. And I have learned to conclude all my prayers with ‘Thy will be done’ (Matthew 6:10; see also Luke 11:2; 3 Nephi 13:10).” I thought that getting the keys would help me and the girls I visit taught to remember to pray. I gave each of the girls a skeleton key with the saying, “Prayer is your personal key to heaven. The lock is on your side of the veil.”

I mentioned that part of the quote to Welly, that prayer is the key to heaven, I think I said, “heaven’s door” he really liked that part, and gave a big smile and you could just see the wheels in his head turning.

I went on, “when we pray, we’re talking to our Heavenly Father, and He lives in heaven…..and” Welly interrupted my explination… “Can I talk to Heavenly Father?” I told him, “Sure, but we better turn off the radio”.

Totally un-helped, bowing his head and folding his arms in the front seat he started,

“Dear Heavenly Father…Hey, How’s it going? Is is fun up there…in heaven? (pause) Yeah? (pause) How’s it going? (longer pause) In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen”.

We talked about after HOW Heavenly Father answers our prayers and how it’s different than if he asked me a question.

It was such a cute kid prayer. I was one proud Mom. I was also thankful to take that question about the key and use it to teach him about prayer. I hope that I’m not too busy to miss those opportunities when they come up. I know it’s those little times, those little teaching moments that happen naturally, and unforced, mean the most.

Gus Gus giving in. So should you.

We understand if your tired of voting, but we’d really appreciate it if you gave it another go! Please vote for us again! No winner was announced last week and Zions Bank decided to do a re-vote after making some changes to the way people could vote . The voting is open until May 31st. Voting is a little different this time, but is supposed to be more secure. Thanks again for all your support!


Vote For Us!

My husband Mark entered us in a contest on a whim a few weeks ago not really thinking we’d get very far, but now we have and we need some help to win $7500! Zions Bank contacted us letting us know we made it to the top 10 of their Home Improvement Challenge and we’re currently in second place. We are going crazy with excitement of the possibility of winning this money and redoing our bathroom, which is in need of some serious repairs and updating.

How you can help us win??!

-We need votes for our picture. Lots of votes! You can vote for our picture by following the link below. (Our picture is the one with the feet dangling through our bathroom ceiling).


-Vote everyday until May 31st.

What to expect when you vote.

Zions Bank is doing this contest through Facebook but you don’t have to be signed up for Facebook account to vote.
VOTING INSTRUCTIONS: Please note this initial verification process will only have to be completed once per email address.

1. Mobile devices are not supported for this voting process

2. Click “Vote for this entry” for the photo of your choice

3. Enter CAPTCHA verification

4. Enter email address in order to receive verification link

5. Check your email and click on the verify link (If you don’t see it in your inbox, be sure to check your junk/spam folder. The message will come from

6. This will take you back to the voting screen where you will be asked to vote for the photo again

7. Enter CAPTCHA verification one more time

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9. When your vote is submitted successfully, you will see a “Thank You” message

Other ways you could help!!!

-Tell your co-workers!

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What you get in return?!

-Knowing that you helped us out so much and made our bathroom dreams come true!

-We will be forever in your debt (tempting no?)

Mark and I both thank you again for your help! Don’t forget you can vote once a day UNTIL MAY 31ST


Mark and Melanie

Help us win $7500!

Mark’s pride was really hurt when he stepped right through our bathroom ceiling! While trying to install a CAT5 in our house, he made a misstep and made a large hole in the ceiling. We kinda tried to patch it up but it’s more like a band aid over a gash! (ewe)

We also, okay it was me, left the sink running and it overflowed and the water damaged the floor underneath the linoluem making a bubble in the middle of the floor! The shower head leaks, when the shower is on it “screams” at you….to name a few of the things we want to fix.

To make a long story short we need a new bathroom so when we heard about Zions Bank’s Home Improvement Challenge we entered a photo and made it to the top 10! So excited!

The winner will get $7500 towards their renovations.

The photo with the most votes wins! So we need all the help we can get.

I actually really hate begging friends on facebook to do this. I hate to be a bug, but it really would help.

You can vote once a day, everyday until May 24th.

Just click this link below and it will take you where you need to go.

Click here to vote for us!

and then once there, click the text link “like this” to vote for our photo! Because Zions is doing their contest through their Facebook page sometimes it’s confusing when you see their “like” link, that likes their Zions Bank page, but just remember to click the link by our ‘feet dangling’ picture and you’ll be good to go!

We really appreciate everyone’s help and as a little incentive we will have a big party/bbq at our house if we win! Everyone is invited! Free Food!

Magnus’s Blessing Day

What a great day! We were very blessed to have family from out of town be there as well as some good friends. Mark gave a great blessing, Gus was a super cutie baby, barely fitting in his outfit. I got up and bore my testimony. The rest of the meeting was very spiritual. Afterwards we chatted with family and friends, then headed home to hurry and get ready for dinner.

Dinner was tastey, the kids ran around and we all got a chance to talk.

All the men who were in the circle are all great guys and great examples of spiritual men. It was such a blessing to have family and friends there in the circle. In attendance were both mine and Mark’s Dad’s, brother’s Troy, Ryan and Gary, friends Tommy Davis, Mike Nielsen, Jeremy Young (all guys that Mark served with in the Elders Quorum) and our very faithful ex-home teacher Tim Lloyd.

We love our little Gus Gus and we’re so happy to have in our family. He fits in perfectly to our family, such an easy baby, so smiley and happy. He loves his brothers and looks at them adoringly even if their rough housing with him. I love all my boys so much! Look how handsome they all are in their suits! Wow, what a lucky gal I am to have all boys!